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At American Satellite Systems truly want to thank the more than 25,000 customers that have supported us over the last five years since we opened our U.S. store location. Since then we have grown from serving the Atlanta community in Georgia, to a national entity serving all states and provinces in the USA and Canada.

If you live anywhere outside of Atlanta Georgia, or Toronto CA, please call our toll free number 1.888.211.7175 to find your nearest American Satellite Systems center for satellite and consumer electronics, sales, service and installation. We look forward to delivering more of our quality services to you at competitive prices.

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In the past Canadians have wrongly believed that it was impossible to live in Canada and enjoy quality American satellite service and the Canadian satellite providers are happy to have you believe that. But no longer! Americn satellite service has successfuly and reliably supplied Direct TV and Dish Network to numerous Canadian households for over 10 years. The process is simple, secure and to get started all you have to do is

Call 1-888-211-2175,or

Email us at

And your service can be active within 5 to 10 business days. Enjoy American

sports channels, local and international programming from home and in your own language. Payments can be made annually or can be deducted monthly from your bank,debit, or credit card.

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